Walton Hall Park


Walton hall park is a beautiful 130 acre park in north Liverpool.


The park is loved by all the residents and community that live both in the surrounding area and the wider community of Liverpool. We have also been contacted by people who have emigrated from as far a field as USA, Canada, Germany and Spain to share their stories and childhood memories and fun they had in Walton hall park.

It is a vital part of our community and a beautiful addition to the Walton area, offering a much needed sanctuary in a built up area with many terraced homes that surround the park not having there own gardens. The park is their only green space to enjoy with their families, children and pets.

Walton hall park is also home to many different types of wildlife including swans, geese, ducks, Bats, owls, squirrels, migrating birds and thousands of different types of wildlife.

The friends of Walton hall park was first formed in August 2014, to make a difference to our park. The park has a long history but in recent years it has been left to decline so as a community we chose to “make a difference” Our group has now gone from strength to strength and we have made such a huge difference to the park. We are all very proud and proved it can be done, not only with the work we do but also saving the park which was under threat of MASS development but is now saved by us for us.

If you are interested in joining us, helping or want to bring your events to our park then please contact us


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We can announce Friends of Walton hall park has now joined the National Federation for parks and green spaces (NWPFF) and Merseyside civic society.