Our second voting is for Britain’s best park with fields in trust, that also requires votes but we feel that now we have saved our park from development that would of destroyed it forever, our volunteers work every day in the park and have made huge changes to improve the park including planting events and reduced the crime rate so please can you vote for our park? Let Walton hall park, its community, its hardworking volunteers and campaigners get the award it deserves. Once voted you will have to confirm via the link on the email you receive. Huge thanks

The city council and Everton FC are still engaged in discussions about plans to develop a scheme at Walton Hall Park. I am disappointed that at this stage we have not reached agreement on a tangible proposition for a new stadium and, more importantly, a scheme which delivers comprehensive regeneration benefits for the area and employment opportunities for the wider community.

It has been over 12 months since my initial announcement and I recognise the level of public interest in this site. I would like to thank people for their patience whilst discussions are ongoing and I will look to make a final announcement in the new year.

I reiterate my commitment that any scheme brought forward, which has my support, will represent the best interests of residents and supporters alike.


Joe Anderson

Mayor of Liverpool


Our open letter to Mayor Anderson

Dear Mayor Anderson

Not only is the community of Walton hall park blocked on twitter by you and your deputy Mayor Cllr Nick Small for no reason but you do not answer the emails we have sent to you asking you to come to meet us all and listen to our pleas to save our beautiful community Walton hall park.
We would welcome any meeting to speak openly and honestly with you and show you the tireless work the volunteers have done in the park to improve it after years of neglect from Liverpool city council. We have made huge changes and an incredible difference to a much loved community hub!
The answer we see to keep the park is to work with Liverpool city council to community asset transfer the park, the whole 130 acres to run it for us by us, the community who love, work, play and use the park every single day.
This community is both angered and very upset that you and both deputy Mayors do not listen to what we want after all this is where we live, our homes and our lives that will be effected so the very least Liverpool city council and you should do is come to listen to US.


Alls we get is press releases, even the Community Engagement Group is set up to talk behind closed doors and with attendees being development partners and a chair that is pushing the development forward and is on two of the groups that attend is certainly not as described “independent” in fact forcing this development through is what it seems to be happening.
So please can somebody please listen, listen to us the people who care the people of this great city, the people who love and want to SAVE 100% of Walton hall park. We are willing to meet with you so we look forward and wait for a reply and a meeting,




Walton hall park community

This letter is in response to Cllr Richard Kemp’s plea to hold a meeting with both us and the other green spaces under threat of development in Liverpool.


Watch the fantastic video of our park


A huge thanks to the makers of this video, a truly magical place that is our walton hall park and proof that this park should be saved.

Please note that while watching the video can you all take time to see how very built up the area that surrounds the park is, a mass of over developed land, full of houses. The people that live in these houses use our park so what you should ask yourselves is where are these people going to go when the park is developed and lost forever?

Please help save Walton hall park

Our green oasis!


Save our green parks and open spaces DEMO

All of Liverpool’s parks and green open spaces under threat of development will be coming together in Liverpool city centre this Saturday 4th July at noon at the bombed out church, bold street. Please all attend and show our council we want to SAVE all our parks for our future generations.



Saturday 2nd May at Walton hall park sports centre at 6pm we will be holding a public meeting to inform the community that live around Walton hall park about the plans for MASS development planned by Liverpool Labour to build on their park.



on Saturday 2nd May 6pm

Walton hall park sports centre L4-9XP


Liverpool city council are working on a plan to build a MASS development on Walton Hall Park, it will be the single biggest loss of green space in the country if it goes ahead.

The mass development includes:

     35,000 sqm retail        55,000 seated stadium       1,000 new build homes          A new school

     Bars                             Fast food outlets                 Research facility                    Car parks  


The traffic, noise and pollution this will cause to YOUR area will NOT improve your area or your lives, the very people who enjoy and use Walton Hall Park.

Not only is it YOUR park but it is also home to thousands of wildlife species, ducks, swans, squirrels, bats, owls, migrating birds and more. Many of our homes are terraced and have little to no green space so where are we supposed to take our children to play or take our dogs for a walk or go for walks in the fresh air?

County road, the shops and businesses that surround Everton football club rely on the fans trade to keep them in business, what will happen to them when it moves?

The Labour party in Liverpool is heading up this development with Councillor Ann O’Byrne and Mayor Joe Anderson playing active roles for the development to go ahead. The mayor has publicly stated that it is under used but we all know it IS used and loved by the community so why are meetings being held behind closed doors? The meetings are chaired by Cllr O’Byrne and by invite only. What we should ask is why are the residents NOT being consulted? We are calling for ALL residents to have a say, if we are able to vote then why are we being silenced over what will happen to our area? We want them to be open and transparent.

Walton Hall Park is surrounded by three wards, Clubmoor, County and Warbreck and each ward has three ward councillors, yet the nine labour ward councillors are NOT speaking out to save your park neither is your Walton MP Steve Rotheram.

We have over 4000+ signatures on our petition and we have asked and even pleaded for them to speak out as they are supposed to represent our community but not one of our chosen representatives speak out to let our views be heard.

The green party, Liberal democrats, Liberals and independent candidates are speaking out and helping to save your park so why is Liverpool Labour not doing the same?

Liverpool city council has said this is an “Everton football club led development” yet why have they used Liverpool’s tax payer’s money and paid over £20,000 for a report in favour of the mass development.


What can we all do?

Firstly we are calling our own public meeting. You can also go to your local surgeries, ring or email your Labour councillors and speak to them. We are also inviting your local candidates standing for election on May 7th including Labour, the Green party, Lib democrats, liberals and any independents so you can meet them all and decide who you are going to vote for; this is your right so make the right choice!

This is YOUR park YOUR area and YOUR lives that will be effected, so let your voices be heard. You can also become one of the many volunteers already helping us.

We ALL want to SAVE your park and we want to work with any groups that feel they can help the Community come up with a plan to save Walton Hall Park so please get in touch. This will be YOUR chance to have a say to what happens to YOUR park. Please come along ALL welcome!

Please use the poster on the opposite side to display in your windows to show your support for YOUR Park.




Facebook: friends of Walton Hall Park

Twitter: @wallyhallpark

Please look out for future events in the park and demonstrations



Town hall cabinet meeting 8th April

After our demo we all went into the town hall meeting to hear Janet Pell of Save sefton meadows campaign read a speech on behalf of SOGS, Save Our Green Spaces Liverpool. SOGS is an umbrella group of all the green spaces under threat by Liverpool City Council. The speech was delivered brilliantly by Janet but what happened after it was a total shock by all who witnessed it. Mayor Joe Anderson stood up to give his response to the speech, which can only be described as heated so say the least. At the end of the day we are only a group of local residents who come out to help save our Walton hall park, we are not paid, we are not experts and we are not trained or used to these political meetings, we are just mums and dad’s who want our park for our kids. To be shouted at and told off and at times we even felt bullied by the mayor of our city who we thought would be willing to listen to the people of our city, the city he is supposed to love, protect and care for all its assets including its parks and green spaces. You can all judge for yourselves as the meeting was recorded so please see how the Mayor of Liverpool speaks and reacts to a speech written to highlight the loss of green space by people who CARE for their city and the people who live here.


The Labour ward councillors who emailed to say they would support residents yet now they say they won’t?

10409100_10152786801920990_1738334111682412082_n                                                               10362362_10152786801870990_7174389971897775976_n


            Cllr Gerard Woodhouse                                                                       Cllr Eryl Owen

Green Space review

Walton hall park was included in the green space review on Tuesday 17th March at Community centre Formosa Drive L10- 7LQ. We feel this meeting was held too far away for all residents to attend.

This was supposed to be part of the decision making on all green spaces under threat of development from Liverpool city council plans.

More information can be found at:



Today we have sent this letter to all the partners of the future development of Walton hall park about the new proposed CEG

To Cllr Ann O’byrne


The group “Friends of Walton hall park” was set up by residents and the community surrounding the park to not only try to save the park but also to be part of its future.


We have attended all the resident consultations, the regeneration committee meetings held at the town hall and we have met with representatives from Everton football club and swapped emails with all partners of the future development planned for Walton hall park to keep fully informed.


We have read with interest the “Terms of Reference” for the Community Engagement Group (CEG) you have published and in response to that statement we would like to put forward the following.


  1. We believe this CEG is not aimed at being a full and significant consultation as you named chair; when you are not truly independent in previously declaring your support for the development. Including the statement as chair it is up to your desertion what groups/organisations attend and not all members having a fair and equal vote.
  2. We feel we are forced to set up groups, have a constitution and take minutes to just have our voices heard, when in fact we are the people whose lives will be affected if this development goes ahead.
  3. It states that if or when we do set up these groups the “partners” will still be able to have the final decision of which groups are allowed to join thus not allowing every resident’s voice to be heard and understood.
  4. The announcement includes words “partners” and “community” which we feel is separating us instead of saying we will all become members of the CEG and have a fair say. Including decisions of who attends the meetings and not allowing it to be just the “partners” decision.
  5. We feel that if this was truly a community consultation the “partners” should have the duty to the residents to give information and report feedback to the wider community, not the resident and community groups; after all it is the “partners” who want this development to go ahead.
  6. It states that the “partners” do not have to engage with matters they feel are not appropriate or in the best interest of the “partners”. This we feel is focused on the “partners” wants and needs and not focused equally on the wider community who should in our opinion have equal rights.
  7. The “partners” will be classed as “guests” at the CEG, we feel that could give them different rights or rules to the rest of the groups involved and will have little regard for what the overwhelming view of our community in opposing the development of Walton Hall Park.
  8. It also states that any matters discussed at the CEG meetings will not be binding of any party or promise that any action will taken and a summery rather than a fully detailed record of the meetings will not be recorded.


In summary, we feel this is not a full and comprehensive examination of the development and taking a full account of the overwhelming local opposition. It does not address the retention of the park and examination of alternative Brownfield sites. We feel the CEG will be biased towards the “partners” proposals.


Friends of Walton Hall Park are opposed to the development of our green space and will continue to liaise with other residents, parties, groups in our view that this CEG lacks the integrity required to be seen as a serious consultation exercise.

Friends of Walton Hall Park



The campaign to save Walton hall park started in September 2014 when it was announced in the media that Liverpool city council, Liverpool mutual homes and Everton football club were planning to develop on the park.


The community living around Walton hall park were both shocked and extremely upset, and immediately came together to let it be known that they did not want to loose their valuable green space. Other Liverpool communities also contacted us to say how shocked they were at the thought of the loss of the park. Once the press printed that the community were trying to stop the development going ahead we were then contacted from people all over the country and the world, including former residents who had enjoyed spending time as children in the park and sharing very fond memories with us all.


Save our green spaces Liverpool Outside the town hall

1464615_1009553019058138_883407055423510557_n           10497420_882430888444577_5854742156233094277_o

1613878_822548691150437_2082381969886632634_n 10929912_10205284112053772_5130806381413145303_n 11018789_10205284112773790_493408769621295176_n

The residents were asked to come to a consultation run by the developing partners to be able to discuss the plans. Unfortunately the consultation letters inviting the residents to go were not all delivered, and a large group of residents missed out to tell the partners what they thought of the development plans. The people who did go were met by a map of the park as it is, with answers of “we don’t have plans” and “we cannot comment on any plans as there is none drawn” which did not help, but what was mentioned to us all was a stadium, 1,000 homes, a school, retail and fast food outlets.


It has been announced that plans are due to be submitted in summer 2015 by Liverpool city council.

The community started both an online e-petition and hand written petition. Please sign and feel free to share.

The council have included Walton hall park on the local plan. Here is the link to the documents for all the parks.

We are on page 4

Some previous plans we have found for the park dating back to 2000 & 2007

10647035_10204081322424783_7219363359598293662_n               10592796_10152740624389110_4106917991656195962_n

Then Liverpool city council has released an independent report on the park which has a lot of what the residents see as errors including the crime statistics which the firm Volterra Partners have only included one ward statistics when Walton hall park is surrounded by three wards, County, Clubmoor and Warbreck.

The report also says Walton hall park is under used and full of dog fouling, yet on a freedom of information report Liverpool city council has only received 16 incidents of dog fouling for ALL the parks in Liverpool and the council’s website describes the park as “popular with local residents in the area”.

Also on the council parks events page, the events on Walton hall park are hardly listed which is odd as we have lots of events run by the groups that use the park and the large public events were stopped by Liverpool city council including the military show, the Walton festival and the fireworks which were all very well attended. In the report it does say only 4,725 people came to the park in 2013 but with no large events held here and the others not advertised how do the council measure who and how many people use the park?

The council park events page

And so the campaign grows with people coming forward every single day.

If you would like to get involved please contact us

download @wallyhallpark

download (1) friends of walton hall park